Reviews USA


“The bass player strutted onto the stage wearing fishnet stockings and high heels, and quite frankly he didn’t care what you thought of it. The singer donned some sort of feathery tail, a red bustier, and the rest was all skin. And while she kicked off her heels after the first song, the bass player kept his on throughout the entire set….AND played bass. Bravo, sir.At one point they told the crowd they got in trouble for indecent exposure in Fort Worth. A spectator in the crowd replied by yelling out “We believe in nipples, just not evolution!”The band isn’t all jiggly bits and naughty outfits. I thoroughly enjoyed the music. I love singers who can scream. Really scream. In this band, the singer AND the leopard-pattern clad guitar player could both scream” – Falestine Afani Ruzik –

“After spending some time with Labretta Suede and The Motel six it soon becomes apparent they keep their tongues firmly in their cheeks and the philosophy extends to the way they run the band. Gloriously off-the-rails” – Natasha Francois

“Garage wailing – pants optional – NYC Boogaloo Faves” – Trashy Travel New York

“wild garage savagery” – Garage Punk NYC

“It’s a garage stomper highly recommended for those who like to frug, shang-a-lang and so forth” – Pitch Music Blog/wayward Blog (USA)