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Labretta Suede & The Motel 6’s Last NYC Show SAt August 10th @ Death By Audio


* Sat August 10th – Death By Audio, Brooklyn, NY

Final NYC Show!!!!!

Final USA Tour !!!!!

* Thurs August 22nd – Brass Rail, Fort wayne, IN

* Fri August 23rd – Cobra Lounge, Chicago, IL

* Sat August 24th – Circle A Bar, Milwaukee, wi

* Sun August 25th – wisco, Madison, wi

* Mon Augsut 26th – Madison, wi TBA

*Tues August 27th – Rock n Roll Land, Green Bay, wi

* wed August 28th – Palmers Bar, Minniapolis,

* Thur August 29th – The Roxy, Columbus, MO

* Fri August 30th  – The Record Bar, Kansas City, MO

* Greaserama Car Show

* Sun August 1st – Greaserama Car Show

* Tues Sept 3rd – Record Bar, Lawrence, KS

* wed Sept 4th – Denton, TX TBA

* Thurs Sept 5th,  Three Link, Dallas, TX

* Fri Sept 6th – Lola’s, Fort worth, TX

* Sat Sept 7th – Spiders House Patio, Austin, TX

*****Labretta Suede & Johnny Moondog 2 piece tour *****

**- Sun Sept 8th – The Korova, San Antonio – TBA

**- Fri Sept 13th – Houston – TBA

**- Fri Sept 20th – Lizard Lounge, wichita, KS

**- Sun Sept 22st – Replay Lounge, Lawrence, KS

** – Fri Sept 27th – Aggie Fest, Manhattan, KS

**- Sat Sept 28th – Brew Fest, Lawrence, KS

** – wed Oct 2nd – TBA, Dallas, TX

** – Fri Oct 4th – TBA, Tuscon, AZ

** – Sat Oct 5th – TBA, Tuscon, AZ

** – wed Oct 9th – TBA, Phoenix, AZ

**- Thurs Oct 10th – TBA Phoenix, AZ

** – Fri Oct 11th – Rips Bar, Phoenix AZ

** -Sat Oct 12th – TBA, San Diego, CA

** – Thurs Oct 17th – TBA, Joshua Tree

** – Fri Oct 18th – TBA, Las Vegas

** – Sat Oct 18th – TBA, Las Vegas

** -Thurs Oct 24th – Mammoth, CA

** – Fri Oct 25th – TBA, Bishop, CA

** – Sat Oct 26th – TBA, Bishop, CA

More to come…..

Official ‘Do The Savis’ Video OUT!



* April 2nd A Special 2 Piece show with Labretta & Johnny @

The Crown and Harp, Dallas,TX

* April 5th @ The warhorse, Austin, TX

* April 6th @ Rockers VS Mods Festival @ Lee Harvey  Dallas, TX


******Latest  album ‘ DIRTY & DUMB’ out now!!!!******

A collection of original wild ass rock ‘n’ roll songs recorded by Mike west of “Truckstop Honeymoon”, at his Kansas Pickin’ Palor andMatt Verta-Ray of “Speedball Baby” & “Heavy Trash”, from his NY HED laboratory. Not to mention sonically mastered by Ivan Julian of “The Foundations” & “Richard Hell & The Voidoids”.

 It a garage stomper highly recommended for those that like to frug, shang-a-lang and so forth! Pants optional.

Labretta Suede and The Motel 6 are New Zealand’s finest bunch of crazed Rock ‘n’ Rollers and after their fine immigration efforts to the USA, are about to release their long awaited second album. “Immigrating to the other side of the planet has been time consuming and stressful” say Labretta, “ but well worth the while as we have worked with some of USA’s finest on this album and have created a pretty amazing USA touring circuit”.

To name drop a few names, Mike west one of America’s finest Bluegrass producers and rock ‘n’ roll’s analogue master Matt Verta-Ray. Dirty & Dumb has finally been released after being in the can for almost 1 year. DIY has its limitations one might say but this band have definitely pushed the boundaries of what can be achieved.

Labretta Suede and The Motel 6 have become one of USA’s favourite touring acts, armed with a reckless set and a show of music and outfits you could just LICK! This band are not shy of any situation from off the rails roof top shows in New Zealand to The Mermaid Ball Aquatic Spectaculars at the famous Coney Island, New York! Rumour has it Labretta was ticketed for indecent exposure in Fort worth, Texas. Not surprising really, if you have seen some of her risqué adornments.

A band of such high energy, rock star musician ship, performance and song writing ability with fabulously amusing shows and outfits is something many of us feel is a long forgotten art but look no further, you will be thrilled and entertained with this uniquely highly energetic act! It will make you feel like a teen that has recently discovered a new favourite band. Hell, it’s a new kinda kick!

Labretta Suede and The Motel 6 is an ass whippin’, high kickin’, low downrockin’ an-a-reelin’, high-class outfit. Enough said! These New Zealand chart toppers have now based themselves in New York City and are having no problems showing USA audiences how to have a rollicking good night out!

 Labretta Suede and The Motel 6’s debut album has had international rave reviews so let’s see what “Dirty & Dumb” has installed for us?

Catch them on their next USA tour Oct 2nd – Oct 15th

 Upcoming Tour Dates

                                                                                           * SAT SEPT 22nd @ Snugs Harbor – New Paltz, NY

                                                                                           * TUE OCT 2nd @ wonderland – Richmond, VA

                                                                                           * wED OCT 3RD @ The Garage –  winston -salem, NC

                                                                                           * THURS OCT 4TH @ JJ’S Bohemia – Chattanooga, TN

                                                                                           * FRI OCT 5TH @ The Pilot – Knoxville, TN

                                                                                           * SAT OCT 6TH @ Bryan Street Tavern – Dallas, TX

                                                                                           * SUN OCT 7TH@ TBC – Dallas, TX

                                                                                           * TUES OCT 9TH @ The Replay Bar – Lawrence, KS

                                                                                           * wED OCT 10TH @ Record Bar – Kansas City, MO

                                                                                           * THURS OCT 11TH @ The Roxy – Columbia, MO

                                                                                           * FRI OCT 12th   Calhoun Street Soups, Salads, And Spirits – Ft wayne, IN

                                                                                           * SAT Oct 13th @ El Club –  Detroit, MA

Do The Savis Video


Do The Savis – Complete with Burning Down Neil Finn’s Roundhead Studio in NZ

Reviews USA


“The bass player strutted onto the stage wearing fishnet stockings and high heels, and quite frankly he didn’t care what you thought of it. The singer donned some sort of feathery tail, a red bustier, and the rest was all skin. And while she kicked off her heels after the first song, the bass player kept his on throughout the entire set….AND played bass. Bravo, sir.At one point they told the crowd they got in trouble for indecent exposure in Fort Worth. A spectator in the crowd replied by yelling out “We believe in nipples, just not evolution!”The band isn’t all jiggly bits and naughty outfits. I thoroughly enjoyed the music. I love singers who can scream. Really scream. In this band, the singer AND the leopard-pattern clad guitar player could both scream” – Falestine Afani Ruzik –

“After spending some time with Labretta Suede and The Motel six it soon becomes apparent they keep their tongues firmly in their cheeks and the philosophy extends to the way they run the band. Gloriously off-the-rails” – Natasha Francois

“Garage wailing – pants optional – NYC Boogaloo Faves” – Trashy Travel New York

“wild garage savagery” – Garage Punk NYC

“It’s a garage stomper highly recommended for those who like to frug, shang-a-lang and so forth” – Pitch Music Blog/wayward Blog (USA)

Dirty and Dumb album release poster



Download dirty and dumb poster PDF

Boogaloo Video


Labretta Suede and the Motel 6 Live @ the Brass Rail




“It’s no bullshit, roots based, rock and roll – with stoic rhythms and more than a just nod to the 1950’s originators of this wonderful thing we call rock and roll. It’s like Elvis and PJ Harvey got it on at a party thrown by The Cramps. Not many people can get away with saying Boogaloo these days – but, ladies and gentlemen – Labretta Suede not only gets away with it – she manages to get you to shake it too. Owwww” – Andrew Tidball – Cheese on Toast (NZ)

“I saw a band called Labretta Suede and the Motel Six on new years eve – they were bloody good. They showed up in a ’74 valiant regal with the plates “V8 Val” – I thought that was bloody good too.” -Andrew 426 New Plymouth (NZ)

“Sexy, swaggering Rock ‘n’ Roll with attitude to burn. Try not giving in to dancing or sing-along and you will surely fail.”- NZ Musician Magazine (NZ)

” If you like your rock chunky and unpretentious, and your drinks hard, straight and in a dirty glass, then this one if for you.” – Deadbeat Magazine (AUS)

“This is punk rockabilly at its goddamn low-down and dirty best. One full hunka throbbin’ vinyl.’ 4 star review” – Groove Guide – Tim Gruar (NZ)

“And did I tell you that this girl can holler? From that diminutive frame spews forth a voice that is two parts Wanda Jackson to one part Iggy Pop. You can feel the hairs on the back of your neck rise up in time to her whoops and yelps before the band slams you against the back wall. Exciting? That’s what I’m clueing you in on here, brothers and sisters. After one listen, you’re gonna want to take that band home on CD (at the very least).” Bob Short, I94 Bar (AUS)

“This is true timeless Rock ‘n’ Roll at its finest and there‘s no doubt about it. In your face, impassioned, it’s seriously irresistible.”
New Zealand Musician Magazine Oct/ Nov issue – Ania Glowacz (NZ)

“Slapping this disc into my stereo, it felt like stumbling into a back-alley bar I’d never heard of let alone been to before and finding a band and a crowd existing in a vacuum, all the better for it. I imagine the production ethic lends much to this feeling – it captures a wide-ranging live feel pretty well, from the more raucous party starters to the drawn-out, small-hours jams. Labretta Suede and the Motel 6 play a versatile brand of rock with elements of rockabilly, jazz and blues. It absolutely oozes fun and good times. Labretta herself boasts a relatively husky (yet sexy) voice akin to Polly Jean Harvey, with a mastery of everything from a flat, slow croon to a piercing squeal. It’s a range that’s well utilised throughout Not Food Hungry, and coupled with the band’s aforementioned instrumental versatility, it makes for an intriguing, undeniably satisfying package. I look forward to the day I do stumble into such a bar.”-  Chris Leggett, Real Groove Magazine (NZ)
“LABRETTA SUEDE AND THE MOTEL 6 – Not Food Hungry: What do you combine a hot female vocalist and musicians who play a blend of Garage, Blues and Rockabilly? You get New Zealand band Labretta Suede and The Motel 6 who kick ass both image and music wise. This twelve track album is a testament to how a Garage band should sound like and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it from start to finish. There’s some great tracks on here including ‘Holler’, ‘New Orleans’, ‘Girls Like Betty’ and ‘Mr Mysterious’. I really enjoyed this album that much that it was turned up full when writing this review but my neighbours didn’t get the same appreciation but fuck them they’re boring fuckers anyway. How could anyone complain about the brilliance coming from this album? Labretta Suede really does do the business vocal wise on here delivering every word with passion. Johnny Moon Dog and Jay L really do a great job on guitar and bass and their style of play really make this album what it is. They play in a style that many Garage bands try but don’t quite get it right. Love this album to bits and anyone into the Garage sound will love this too. Not only that but this comes well packaged with a great booklet of shots which includes a rear shot of Labretta Suede. She’s got the best ass in Rock N Roll without a doubt. 9/10.” – Street Voice (UK)

Labretta Suede and the motel 6 Logos


Download labretta suede and the motel 6 logo pdf

Download dirty and dumb logo pdf